Mr Clive Porter 07767-606172
Mr Michael Porter 07767-796355


Or send SMS text message to 07767-606172 with details of name, registration and arrival date and time.

Fixed Wing and Helicopters welcomed with prior permission at pilots own risk.


N52 05.22 W002 08.22


69 Ft AMSL


09/27 570x18 Metres Grass. Red markers at 285M, white at 117M. Good clear approaches. Surface is good but can become soft after heavy rain. Please check before setting out.

Alternate Airfields

Gloucestershire, Wolverhampton, Wellesbourne.
(All with maintenance and LL100/JetA1)


Ample Parking, No Fuel. Please park well clear of the strip, either East or West of the "C" caravan. Please enter the caravan and sign in, where there is opportunity to donate to MAF.(regardles of aircraft size or type)

Maintenance available from Pure Aviation, Peter Montgomery 07789 556761


135.480 MHz

122.25 is now obsolete as of January 2017

SAFETYCOM is a common frequency introduced for use by aircraft in the vicinity of an airfield or landing site that does not have a notified VHF frequency for radio communication.

SAFETYCOM is to assist pilots to avoid potential conflict and should only be used to broadcast the pilot's intentions. It is a single common frequency for many landing sites. Therefore it is important that transmissions are concise and correct.

Remember to make clear that the reference is to Defford.

Transmissions shoould be below 2000 ft above landing site and within 10 miles radius.


All Circuits to be flown to the south. Please make Standard Circuit calls and keep a Good Lookout for other traffic.

Landing Fees

Donations to Mission Aviation Fellowship gratefully received

Wind sock

Half way down northern side of the strip opposite the reporting


Live local weather from Severn Stoke Weather Station 2 miles away


MAC hang gliding Aerotow Club operate from The Croft Farm occasionally so


The airstrip is part of a working farm. Therefore surface areas that lie outside of the runway, taxiways, and parking area are not load bearing.

runway 27


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