Defford AIRDAY 2019 will NOT be held this year.


Why hold Defford Air Day?

Defford Air Day is a fund raising event in support of Mission Aviation Fellowship and the County Air Ambulance. This is achieved by your generosity as we do not charge for entry or car parking. There are opportunities in the hangers to make donations and we hope that you will continue the tradition of previous years and give generously. The retailers have not hiked their prices but have all agreed to donate a percentage of their takings.

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What is Defford Air Day?

If you have been to Defford Air Day before you have a good idea of what to expect, and if you haven’t, please come and try this year’s event. The day is a mix of aircraft and vehicles Vintage and Modern, with usually some unique examples. The County Air Ambulance and examples of the type of aircraft used by Mission Aviation Fellowship both historically and currently are expected.

Vehicles range from the modern to some examples from the 1920s. With the aircraft we have an idea of numbers and types expected, with the vehicles, we have a surprise every year.

A change from last year is that we are not making passenger flights this year. We invite you to leave your names and contact details and we will be pleased to take you flying at a date and time that is mutually agreeable.

What Defford Air Day is not, is an air show. I you want to go to one, go to Cosford or Kimble. We are nearer to a Garden Party with added technology!

Where is Defford Air Day?

Defford Air Day is held at Croft Farm, Defford WR8 9BN in Worcestershire which is just on the Upton side of Defford village. If you are coming by motorway, come to junction 1, M50 and take the A38 north towards Worcester. After 3 miles you will come to lop sided cross roads, turn right towards Pershore on the A 4104. This will take you through Baughton and across the M5. Three miles from the A38, on the left just beyond The Oak pub, turn left at the red letter box..

If you come by car please park as efficiently as you can as we have been short of parking space in previous years. There will be a one way system operating to and from the car park.

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Do I need to bring anything

There are a few things that spring to mind that you should bring. Firstly, we can feed you and we will entertain you, but we cannot seat you all so please bring something to sit on. Secondly, Picnics are fine so bring one if you like. Thirdly, bring a hat and sun block as the last three years have been very hot. Finally, please bring your friends!


If you have been before, thank you for your tidiness. In past years we have struggled to find enough litter to fill a bucket. This is marvellous and we confidently look forward to the same care and consideration this year.


With the exception of “Guide Dogs”, we hope you will leave your animals at home. If you must bring them, please keep them under control and on a lead at all times. This time of year can be very hot and parked cars are not suitable places for animals.

How do I make a donation?

If you look in the hanger with Mission Aviation Fellowship display, you will find boxes for donations. How much should you give? Well, that is a question for you to answer but if you came by car with three others, had you gone to the cinema instead, you would have paid £20.00 or more for the programme. We hope to entertain you all day!

For more information contact:-

Mr Clive Porter 07767-606172


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